Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding Video

After following the romance of Prince William and Kate Middleton in my former royal blog, I’m so thrilled that in just a few days, they’ll be walking down the aisle!

Ahead of the big day, let’s look at this video to see a glimpse of the pomp (not!) and fun (yes!) of the wedding.

I’m amazed at the casting in this spot. I especially love the Princess Anne look-alike, because we’re never going to see the real one doing that!

I’m still debating whether to get up early for the live coverage of the wedding. We’ll see.


Royal Weddings and a Hint of Spring

My congratulatory post on the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton is late in coming. But I’m as thrilled as any royal watcher. When the announcement came last year, I was absolutely thrilled, and not at all surprised. These two are perfect for each other.

I still miss my old royal blog, and I’m a bit bummed that the royal couple has apparently forgotten to send my invitation! ;) I guess I’ll just have to get my fix of the wedding through their official site.

On a different topic… Yesterday, I went with one of my kids on a field trip to a nature center. There was a demonstration of how maple syrup is made. Check out how much sap is flowing from a tiny hole in the tree trunk:


I love this time of year!


Congratulations to Sweden’s Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel

I may no longer have a royal blog, but I still keep tabs on royal events as they happen around the world. And my favorite kinds of events are of course, royal weddings!

Yesterday, Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria wed Daniel Westling, who will now be known as Prince Daniel, Duke of Vaestergoetland. It was a lovely lovely event. The princess looked radiant and joyful on her big day. Consistent with her own style, the bride’s gown had simple lines (but with a train that looked a mile long!).

Congratulations to the royal bride and groom!