Balding Mole Rats Reveal Their Long Life Secrets

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Long Life Secrets from Naked Mole Rats

naked-mole-rat-wikipediaWho doesn’t want to live longer? The secrets of a longer life have been the subject of many quests over the centuries. This urge to discover the fountain of youth has prompted individuals and entire empires to launch countless expeditions to faraway lands, often with disastrous results. These treasure hunts may become a thing of the past with the discovery that the elixir of youth can be found no further than our genes, or the genes of the nearest naked mole rat.

Also known as desert mole rats or sand puppies, naked mole rats are of interest in longevity studies because of their uniquely long lives, especially when compared to other rodents of a similar size. They can live up to 28 years in their underground burrows.

Recently, scientists at the University of Texas Health Science Center identified protein stability as a factor in the long life spans of naked mole rats. The livers from both young and old mice and naked mole rats were compared in terms of oxidation damage and the structural stability of proteins.

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