Maricar is an avid reader and lifelong writer. From personal journals, her high school paper and yearbook, through college essays, freelance projects and children’s fiction, she has always found a creative outlet through the written word. She has a thirst for knowledge and a love for discovering uncommonly-known facts.

She currently works as the in-house writer for Connection Graphics, and as a freelancer.


Maricar graduated with honors in Biology (Genetics major) from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. She also holds a Master’s degree in Plant Breeding and Genetics from Michigan State University. She engages in lifelong learning through reading, and participating in workshops and conferences. She is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.


Maricar has an extensive science background, particularly in the biological and agricultural fields. The scope of her research experience includes cytogenetics, proteomics, microarray, plant taxonomy, plant breeding, and molecular biology.

Maricar draws upon the wide scope of her laboratory skills to bring the latest science to the non-scientist. She is able to accurately distill highly technical information into nuggets that are practical, easy to comprehend and highly interesting.

Popular Culture

Maricar indulges her curiosity for the doings of modern royal families and other celebrities through blogging. She leans towards the action and adventure movie genres, as well as romance movies with classic themes. She cannot seem to get enough to read, and has a ‘to-read’ list that never gets shorter, no matter how much reading she does.

Family and Health

As a mother of two, Maricar keeps informed about health and family issues. She is always looking for ways to make homemaking more efficient and fun for everyone. She is also interested in the latest in allergy and eczema research, especially in relation to children’s health.


You can find samples of her photography here. Please contact Maricar for permission to use her work.


You can find a sample of Maricar’s articles and current blogs at her Writing Samples page.